My Proven System for Mastering your Intuition:




Here’s How the Program works…


In these modules you will learn…

  • 7 Intuition Styles 
  • Your Personal Area & Strongest Style of Intuition 
  • Your Absolute Best Types of Intuition  
  • Your Intuitive Goals and How to Use Them   
  • Your Individual Type of Red Flags of Intuition (are they helping or hindering?) 
  • Why Ignoring your Intuition Causes so Many Problems in Your Life
  • How 1 Simple Thing can Destroy Your Ability to Listen to Your Intuition  

You will also develop…

  • Your Intuition Styles, Areas, and Types 
  • Strength and Frequency of Intuition   
  • Your Intuition Confidence  
  • Centering for Your Intuition 

Once You Complete the Program You Will:

  • Acknowledge your intuitive messages and “catch” them before it’s too late.
  • Understand your intuitive signals and you make better decisions because of it
  • Know if your relationship, your job and every other important piece of your life is right for you.
  • Easily identify your red flag signals and avoid making the same mistakes over and over.
  • Feel like anything is possible because you’re manifesting opportunities like magic

This course helped me find the answers I was looking for and empowered me to trust my intuition!

Lindy L.

Property Management

The results are amazing! Life-changing, amazing, incredibly helpful!


Dr. Cynthia P. Buxton, ND, Lac


In this module you will:

  • Activate your intuition
  • Learn the 7 styles of intuition
  • You will begin recognizing and receiving messages
  • Have the tools to pinpoint your exact area of strength with your intuition allowing you to fine tune it and use it to your advantage to manifest everything you desire.  
  • Weekly Q & A call with Heather  

In this module you will:

  •  Learn about the energy of people around you and in your life
  • Learn about the energy of the space you’re in (home, work, shopping, restaurants, and more.)  
  • How to use your intuition to support you in choosing the right people in your life, purchasing the right properties, vehicles, choosing the right workplaces
  • Learn to understand and use your intuition and messages to alert you to dangerous situations
  • You’ll also learn how recognize Red Flags and pay attention to them! 
  • Weekly Q & A call with Heather

In this module you will:

  • Finally understand messages coming through your dreams from the other side, from your subconscious, and your spirit guides (even if you don’t regularly remember your dreams, most clients instantly turn this on during this module). 
  • Learn the tools  you need and understand how to center yourself to be open to receive messages on a daily basis. 
  • Weekly Q & A call with Heather

In this module you will:

  • Fine tune your ability to receive your top 3 styles of messages daily
  • Stay centered so that you can have them guide your steps every day of your life, every step of the way, with each decision you make. 
  • Weekly Q & A call with Heather
Plus: TWO ADDITIONAL Weeks of Q & A Calls once you have completed the modules!

You get a program packed with information, tools, guidance, and LIVE sessions!


My signature program is based on over 30 years experience as an intuitive medium and a lifetime of learning my own lessons, following my intuition and guiding others.


This program is for you if:
  • Trust Your Intuition and Have the Life You Should (and Desire)
  • Acknowledge your Intuitive Messages and “Catch” Them Before it’s Too Late.
  • Make Better Decisions and Use Your “Internal GPS” – – Your Intuition
  • Know if Relationships, Jobs, and Every Other Important Piece of Your Life Are Right for You
  • Identify Your Red Flag Signals and Avoid Making the Same Mistakes Over and Over
  • Feel Like Anything is Possible Because You’re Manifesting Opportunities Like Magic
  • Know How to Chose Your Right Path and Know What You’re Supposed to be Doing
  • Experience Professional Training by a Master of Intuition Who Lives It!
  • Receive My Full Investment of 30 years of Experience to Find the Solution and Create This Program for You!

Choose Your Master Your Intuition Program

Option One:  VIP Program



  • Four weekly training modules
  • Six 60 Minute PRIVATE, One-on-One, LIVE Intuitive Spotlight Q & A Calls
  • Six 60 Minute Group, LIVE Intuitive Spotlight Q & A Calls
  • BONUS #1: (Value $1600) Intuition Activation Kit that includes Intuitive Tracking Sheets so you can measure and multiply your intuitive abilities quickly.  Proven tools provided to one-on-one clients!
  • BONUS #2:  (Value $1700) Connecting with your Guides and Loved Ones on the Other Side Audio Training.  The same tools I teach private one-on-one clients!

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Option Two:  CORE Program


  • Everything above EXCEPT PRIVATE One-on-One Sessions

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BE INTUITIVE… develop and trust your intuition!  I don’t want you to miss great opportunities or continue making the same mistakes over and over!

My Promise to YouI will be there every step of the way guiding you in each module, showing up on time for each LIVE call, answer all questions that arise as you progress through the program, and provide the same knowledge and experience given to clients who have used these tools for success over the past 30 years.


If you listen to your intuition NOW and CHOOSE YOUR OPTION you will receive a personal LIVE 15 minute private session with me!

Be Intuitive,


P.S.  Remember, your intuition has your best interest at heart and is waiting to guide you today.


How many calls per week are there and what if I can’t make a call?
A:  Don’t worry!   There is one group call per week and all calls are recorded for your convenience.   

Q:  What’s the benefit of the VIP Program?
A:  The major benefit for the VIP Program is you will get PRIVATE weekly spotlight calls for each module instead of just the group calls.

Q:  Will I have time to fit it into my schedule?
A:  The program allows you the freedom to sprinkle it throughout each day or week of your life easily and at your convenience! 

Q:  Is it worth my investment?
A:  It can change your life, what’s that worth?  You will learn proven skills clients and I have used for years to  guide us to the best path for our lives!

Q:  Will I be able to do it?
A:  YES!  It’s a proven and effective program that clients love and use to transform their lives!

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