?My hope is to inspire and provide knowledge about my world as an Intuitive Medium, Hypnotherapist, and Coach and how this work allow clients to reach their goals and have their best lives possible. I offer private and group sessions and have proven successful courses to Master Your Intuition, Develop Your Law of Attraction skills, and lose weight on my Get Healthy NOW Dang It! program.
Wishing you the best always!

?Your Intuition
Always pay close attention to your intuition as one thing I know is that it’s there to guide you and has your best interest at heart always.

?Be the light you want the world to be!
Positivity begets positivity and your light, when you let it shine, is like a beacon and a magnet that brings great things to your life.
Be a light for others – focus on that goal today!

?What an intuitive medium does in a day….
this was part of my day today.. I feel blessed…
A client and friend who came to me years ago because her best friend had passed, recently has started coming for classes.
Her friend who had passed always LOVED hummingbirds. So much so that my client has an amazing tattoo of a hummingbird to represent her friend who passed.
And then today, I got a post in my feed of a hummingbird that loves the dog who saved her and always flies next to the dog. It plays with the dog and waits for the dog to finish eating and they both head outside. It’s amazing. You may have seen it.
And then later today my clients dear dog passed. A dog that her friend who had past also loved.
And lo and behold her friend had made sure I had seen and posted the video of the hummingbird (representing the friend who passed) with the dog (representing the dog who passed) to let my client know she has her dog and not to worry.
They are both happy and healthy on the other side.

?Issues with anxiety when speaking in front of others?
In one hypnotherapy session recently a client uncovered the events from the past causing this issue in their subconscious and repaired it.
The result is they now feel “refreshed and calm” about upcoming speaking sessions! Sometimes it’s just that simple, othertimes it may take multiple sessions…. we are working with the subconscious afterall.

?Spirit and Light
Watch your photos for light streaks and orbs as often these are spirits, guides, or loved ones letting you know they are around . Several times clients, friends, and I have had halo like light in photos around and above people in the photo as well.

?Loved ones reaching out from the other side
What’s the most common way your loved ones on the other side let you know they are still around in your life and that they are okay?
In your dreams?
With scents?
With sounds?
Messing with technology items? (Phones, clocks, radios, etc.)
Changing the music, playing a song?

?Pay attention to your dreams!
If you are like many clients you may say you don’t remember them. What I find is that when I have clients start paying closer attention and plan on tracking their dreams they begin remembering them usually within a week.
Many messages come to us in our dreams so start paying attention and log them to see what types of messages you receive.

?Getting Healthy! Live a full life! Be the you that you really want to be! Honor your life!
It’s true, sometimes I can’t believe I am so much healthier now. I developed my Get Healthy NOW Program about 3 months ago and am so much healthier it is still amazing to me.
And all my clients are having great success and it’s rewarding to us all!!
My program is unique as I work with your subconscious to discover and repair the reason it’s been sabotaging you in the past and not letting you reach your healthy goals. Once we uncover and fix this we work with your intuition and subconscious to choose a plan for you to follow. And then you are simply and easily on your way to a healthier life!
It’s exciting, amazing, and still a happy surprise whenever I think about how far I have come in this short time.
Doctors told me for 25 years I couldn’t be healthy and they were wrong and now two doctors are sending me their clients as my program makes total sense to them.
If your subconscious is sabotaging you for some reason let’s find out why and fix it!

?Intuitive Hypnotherapy
As an Intuitive Medium my entire life and a Certified Hypnotherapist, I developed my Intuitive Hypnotherapy Program which has helped clients achieve their goals for years.
Using the power of intuition I work with client’s subconscious during the Intuitive Hypnotherapy Program to get them to their goals!
Here are a few ways Intuitive Hypnotherapy can assist you…
?Reduce Pain or Anxiety
?Improve Sleep Issues
?Achieve Weight Goals (we will uncover the reasons your subconscious sabotages you and fix it!)
?Guidance to Change Your Career
?Past Lives (typically 1-3 per session)
?and more…

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5 Ways Your Intuition Can Super Charge Your Life, Love, and Money!