Hi, welcome and I am glad your intuition guided you to this moment.


I’m Heather Chan and am an Intuitive Master and Trainer with 30 years of experience working with clients to help them develop and trust their intuition, see what cannot be seen, and know what is unknown. I am now revealing all my tools and secrets to you that I have taught others for years.  But first, let me tell you how this all began…

One day stands out to me vividly.  I was 5 years old and my mother and I were walking back home with armfuls of groceries on Kalakaua Avenue in Waikiki at the corner of Lewers street.  My first message came to me and I told my mother: “You’re going to run into John any minute now.”  My mother said “Honey, that’s never going to happen, he lives in California.”

We kept walking, and moments later, a man came around the corner and literally ran into my mom. Groceries went flying and as my mother scurried to pick up the groceries, she looked up at the man and exclaimed, “John!”  It was in fact my mother’s friend, John from California.

Later that day when we got home, my mother sat me down on the bed and knelt beside me and told me, “Heather, you have a special gift, and you will get messages in your life to guide you.  Don’t ever be afraid of this gift, its here to guide you.”

From then on my intuition has been strong and guiding me throughout my life. But of course, I didn’t always follow the messages; we still have a choice after all.  I used to be stubborn and choose to ignore them.  But those choices really helped me learn when I don’t follow it my life choices and path kind of fall apart.  I would end up with people I shouldn’t, in jobs I shouldn’t be in, wondering why the heck I chose that path after all and didn’t trust my messages.  This downward spiral truly taught me that my intuition has my best interest at heart and I better pay attention and listen to it.

Finally, I had had enough.  I vowed to trust my intuitive messages and let them lead my life.

What happened next was nothing short of a miracle:  I got out of a stagnant relationship, found my true love (in another state thousands of miles away!) moved to get married, and made amazing friendships at our new home.  I’ve listened to and acted upon messages that have guided my husband and me to know when to buy and sell a home, when to leave a job, when to travel, who to welcome into our circle of friends, and so much more.  My intuition is so accurate, my husband jumps when I share something and always follows it’s guidance as much as I do.

These miracles in my life have made me passionate about sharing this ability and gift with others because I believe we all can access this personal power for ourselves.

But over the past 30 years I have noticed that so many of us make the same mistakes over and over…

  • Choose the wrong people in their lives
  • Stay stuck in careers they hate
  • Make decisions based on other people’s choices for them
  • Spend years floundering, not knowing which direction to head toward
  • And more…

All because they didn’t trust their intuition and ignored their red flags and messages to guide them along their path!

What I hear all the time is…

  • ”I’m afraid to trust my intuition.”
  • “I’m tired of not knowing which path is right.”
  • “It feels like I should be doing something else.”
  • “I’ve forgotten how listen to what I am guided to do.”
  • “I always am in the wrong friendships / relationships.”
  • “I have toxic people in my life and don’t know why I choose them.”
  • “I need to do something, but I don’t know where to start.”


This is exactly why I created the Master Your Intuition Program which has the training, tools, and live sessions with me to help you develop and trust your intuition so that you can have the life, career, relationships, and the money you deserve.

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