I specialize in offering hypnotherapy for sleep issues, anxiety, weight loss, past lives, future self, reduction of pain, and more!  I love helping clients have the life they want to live fully!

As a certified hypnotherapist, I have worked with clients for years to assist them to uncover what’s blocking them and move forward to success and achieve their goals.

Hypnotherapy works with your subconscious to help you reach your goals to achieve your best life!

I use a client-centered approach so the focus is on your goals and we work together to get you the answers from your subconscious.  Sometimes it’s difficult to know why we get in our own way without understanding the purpose our subconscious holds since it controls so much of what we do and choices we make.  Our subconscious holds the key, truly!  Recent research has proven 80% of all actions we take are controlled by our subconscious!  Isn’t that interesting?  Something we hardly, if ever, think about is controlling every action and decision we make!

During a session you are awake, very relaxed, and able to speak to me as we go through the session.  It’s as if you are relaxed and almost ready to fall asleep and that’s how we reach your subconscious knowledge

As we work with your subconscious it helps you unlock the keys to:

  • Change negative behaviors 
  • Lose Weight
  • Improve relationship issues
  • Reduce pain
  • Reduce anxiety
  • And more!

You may request a session to: 

  • Discover Your Past Lives
  • Speak to Your Future Self 
  • Discover Your Soul’s True Path (and how to achieve it)
  • Speak to Loved Ones on the other side

What Clients Are Saying



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Clients thoroughly enjoy their relaxing sessions and have been very excited with their successes!  After a session most clients say the time flew and they thought it was only 10 minutes when it was 45-60 minutes.   This is because they feel so relaxed and rested during and after a session. 

What’s stopping you from reaching your goal?  Does it seem something is undermining what you really want?  Are you sabotaging yourself in reaching your goals?

For instance, at 10 pm are you committed to eating healthy this week and at 10 am the next day you are eating cake, chips, etc.?  And at this time while you are eating whatever you hoped you wouldn’t, you are standing there wondering what happened to your commitment you had last night when you were certain this would be the time you achieved your goal?   

Are you trying to achieve a new goal (change jobs, create or repair a relationship, develop your own business, start or keep exercising for health, etc.) but something keeps getting in your way and you don’t know exactly what it is, or why? 

If this seems like you right now, it’s time to uncover your subconscious reasons, figure this out, and reach your goals and feel successful!  Clients are always surprised when they find out what reason their subconscious has for getting in the way of their goals.


A client example for you: 

Someone working to eat healthier and lose weight discovered during her session that her subconscious thinks it still acts likes its 8 years old – and it loves rebelling and having fun sabotaging her efforts.  It’s bored and this has been a game to that part of her!   

Once we worked with it and it understood fully why the conscious side wants to be healthy, it made sense to the 8 year old subconscious self.   Each side was asked for an agreement they were comfortable with and the client left with a new awareness of why all these years it’s been so difficult.  Also, I ensured an agreement was made between the subconscious and conscious self.

The client was excited, and happy, feeling renewed and without conflict inside her anymore for a reason she never understood until her session. 


I love my work; it’s a blessing to be part of these amazing moments in my client’s lives.

What Clients Are Saying



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If you want to:

  • Create change in your life and it’s been difficult to attain it
  • Reduce anxiety, or pain, or negative behaviors
  • Visit your past life (lives)
  • Talk to your future (and wiser) self
  • Speak to loved ones on the other side

Wishing you the best always,



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