“Heather is not only a woman of extreme talent and amazing abilities of insight and communication, she is also a person of the utmost honesty and integrity. She approaches her work with passion and her clients with compassion. She has provided valuable medical, spiritual and emotional advice to my clients and she delivers this with kindness and in a very positive and empowering way. My clients speak very highly of Heather and have described their readings with her as being “life-changing,” “incredible,” “amazingly helpful,” and “incredibly accurate.” Personally and professionally I can report that Heather’s readings and advice are very accurate, eloquent, compassionate, practical and deeply healing. I highly recommend Heather to anyone needing more insight and guidance for any spiritual, emotional, health or other concern!

Wow!! The results you have gotten for the recent client I referred to you are amazing and so helpful. It is very gratifying to know that you are available for referrals and that you can help people to achieve their goals so quickly and successfully, and without use of potentially dangerous medications! Thank you for being such an inspirational healer to every patient I have sent your way. You will always have my highest endorsement and enthusiastic referrals.

You are a legitimate, skilled, highly effective and incredibly caring hypnotherapist and life coach.

Thank you again so much!”



“Heather is so positive, joyful and matter-of-fact, that I knew she would be a great mentor and immediately signed up for her class series to enhance my intuition and mediumship. I was so excited for my first class that I came with a list of questions but I never asked any of them! Throughout the course of the class, she answered every single one! (She must be psychic! Ha!) She opened my mind to all sorts of possibilities. I thought that a medium was just a medium, that there weren’t other skills I could develop and I was wrong! I’m so grateful for everything that Heather has done for me. I am better for having known such a wonderful, caring person and talented spiritual intuitive! I look forward to our follow up sessions!

I have been intrigued about understanding my past lives as a tool to better understand who I am in this lifetime for quite some time. I mentioned this to Heather one day just to understand her thoughts on a past life reading and she said,“I can do that for you!”.She also let me know that she facilitates a Future Self reading where you interact with your future self! What a cool thing to be able to do! Of course I signed up for both. How better to grasp your entire being than looking into the past, living the present and looking into the future, right?

She explained that for both, she uses hypnotherapy (or what I consider “deep meditation”) so that you are experiencing both your past and future selves personally. This allows you to truly connect with your higher self (who’s been around the block a few times!) which is an indescribable experience.

Both experiences were deeply moving and I thank Heather for assisting me in my journey. I highly recommend anyone mildly curious or standing at a crossroads, confused about where to go next, to schedule time with Heather to talk with your past and future selves. You’ll be amazed at the love, support and encouragement you receive, not only from your past/future selves, but from Heather!”



“I had the privilege of meeting Heather in 2014 and can honestly say that my time with her changed my life immensely. In my first session with Heather, she connected to one of my loved ones who had tragically passed on. What an incredible experience! That session alone provided me with peace in my heart and allowed me to start healing from the tragedy which was something I deeply needed. Prior to connecting with Heather I had tried traditional therapy to help me heal from this loss with minimal results. Heather was genuine and loving while conducting the session making me feel completely free to experience the wide range of emotions that occurred for me that day. It’s one of the greatest gifts I could ever receive.

When Heather told me that she facilitated classes to help people hone their intuition I was thrilled! I have always felt like I had a strong “gut instinct” but never knew how to use it or listen to my intuition. I signed up for the course series and it’s the best investment I have ever made in myself. Heather walked me through how to listen to the messages our loved ones send us and how to slow down and pay attention to my intuition. I am still a work in progress but those classes provided me with clarity and direction in a way I had never experienced. I am eager to sign up for the next set of classes for myself and I see my time with Heather as an investment in my future health and happiness! I believe that with Heather as my guide and teacher I have a strong support system to continue to develop as an intuitive person. Heather has been a gift to me in my life as well as many friends and family members who I have sent her way. Thank you Heather for sharing your gift with us!”



“I have known Heather for many years and in many different capacities. She is a very warm and caring person who delights in using her gift to help others. When giving a reading, she has very clear insights and communication – there is no doubt that she has a strong connection to the spirit realm. She doesn’t have to reach for the information – the truths come fast and thick. She gave my family great comfort while my sister was passing – it helped us to feel that we could let go and let the process happen, knowing that she was on her path. Lately, Heather has been encouraging me to look for signs, listen for guidance, and trust my intuition. She has been helping me to hear my spirit guides more clearly, to trust in the messages, and to put faith in them to guide me to safety and happiness. Heather is very gifted, but also just a wonderful person to have in your life. She is a blessing so many ways!”



“Throughout a year, I took both intuition and life coaching classes with Heather. My life and my perspective have changed dramatically for the better.Heather really helped me slow my mind down and pay attention to the guiding messages that I get every day. She helped me reduce my fear and anxiety by teaching me methods to protect my mind. She also taught me that all I needed to do was to imagine the results I wanted, and they would appear (law of attraction).

My new found confidence in the power of mind led to making some necessary, and ultimately positive, changes in my life. It allowed me to remove myself from the negative spin of the job I was in, and to make choices that led me to exactly the right job path for me. It’s almost unbelievable the amount of excitement and satisfaction I bring to my work now! I was able to sort out with great clarity what kind of life would work for me, and by believing I could have it, it manifested! When anxiety starts to creep in my mind now, I am able to protect myself with white light. I am teaching fearlessness and the power of the mind to my young daughter.

Thanks to Heather’s wisdom, insight and guidance, I am continuing to make bold and life affirming choices. I am a much happier person today!”



“Heather has been such a positive and helpful influence in my life. I have known her for almost 15 years and during that time have worked with her on a variety of issues. Most recently she has been helping me with me law of attraction and listening to my own intuition. With her guidance, I’ve been learning to visualize and project the positive changes I wish to see in my life and attract those things to me and make them a reality. I first applied this to finding a new job a year ago and ended up getting exactly what I wanted! Since then I’ve tried to use it in both big and small ways to create a life that is happier, richer, and free of the mental ‘clutter’ that comes with negative thinking and worry. More recently, Heather has worked with me to listen more to my intuition and recognize the messages that are being put out there about the path I should be on. Many people (myself included) often seek guidance when we’re faced with a particular challenge or decision. While Heather is great at working with you to address your immediate concerns, what I really like is that she’s teaching you broader life skills that can help you every day. She gives you the tools and the support to enable you to help yourself, to be your own positive force for change and growth.”



“Heather’s guidance has helped me deal with hard times whether they were career or family oriented. She brings many spiritual talents to help others deal with lost loved ones, a career crisis, or also to heal broken friendships. She has provided me with a positive light in dark times, and for that I will always be grateful to her. Her upbeat attitude and messages brought hope and a sense of peace. She is truly an amazing talent.”



“Heather, my beautiful shining light. She is the real deal. I have too many stories to write here on how accurate she is on her knowing. But even more than her knowing about “things” is her connection and how it feels to be in the presence of that. I used to go to find out about the “things” in my life. Now I go to experience that connection. It’s a tune up for my soul. I’m forever grateful that she shares her beautiful gift with the world.”



“I cannot say enough about Heather. She helped guide me through a very low point in my life. Helping me find the answers and empower me to trust my instinct/intuition. To be confident in what my heart and the universe was saying and not reflect or let other outside forces, with their personal agenda, affect my life’s choices.

With her love, light, and guidance she has been a positive and powerful force in my path towards personal growth and love. Even today I will reach out to her, even if it is just a text message, with a message of love and friendship because something/someone inside prompted me to say hello.

She is a guide, she is a teacher, and she is an amazing person.”



“Heather has helped me immensely in both my personal and professional life. I’ve struggled with anxiety for as long as I can remember, not ever really knowing or understanding the steps needed to get through it. After numerous trips to doctors and counselors, I finally decided to give Heather a call.

Her intuition, guidance and coaching is what separates her from the rest. After only a few sessions, my anxiety is nearly gone, and I finally know how to deal with it. Not only is she talented, but she really cares about her clients; she follows up on your progress, checks-in to see how you’re doing, and will be your biggest supporter. She truly wants to see her clients succeed.

I’m so thankful for the tools and support she’s given me to help me reach my goals for an anxiety-free life!”



“I first came to see Heather after my mother had passed. I had been majorly depressed for almost 2 years, and literally thought I was going crazy. It was actually my mother’s best friend who put me in contact with her, a divine intervention if you will.

Our sessions began with learning about my intuition and gift, and progressed into helping me start my own business, and I remember it was that session where I received a supportive message from my mother.

It hasn’t even been a year, and my life has completely changed. I found a perfect job that allows me to be home with my kids, I have found a sense of inner peace and self-worth that I thought was lost, I am starting a business doing exactly what I love, and I’ve gained a trusted mentor and a true friend.

Heather is unlike anyone I’ve ever known… A gem.”


unnamed (1)

“I started seeing Heather over ten years ago. I was inspired to see her because I lost both parents at a young age. The moment I sat down with Heather my mother came through & she was able to share information with me that only my mother & I shared. It’s hard to put in words the emotional peace this has brought me, the ability to connect with my mother in a different space.

She has also shared with me advice from my father, my husband’s health, and I loved seeing her when I was pregnant & my little one could communicate with me. He wanted me to read more books to him while in the womb. He’s older now & a book worm.

If anyone has unanswered questions from those whom have passed or just questions in their everyday lives, I would 100% recommend seeing Heather, she’s amazing!”


unnamed (3)

“Heather is both a gifted psychic and life coach. She has an uncanny ability to know exactly what you need and how to help you. She is highly encouraging as she guides you to keep reaching for your best self. Heather had faith in me when I didn’t have it in myself. She saw my gifts and kept encouraging me to reach for my dreams. Heather is amazing and I can’t thank her enough for all she has done for me.”


unnamed (2)

“Heather is the best!!

In my Chiropractic practice, Heather helped many of my patients understand their paths in life. The injuries they sustained from auto accidents or work related accidents left them questioning why this happened to them, and what would happen to them since many could not return to their previous occupations.

Each patient told me how accurate Heather was with all the information she provided them from their guides. Each of them knew who their guides were when Heather described them. Every patient told me how thankful they were that they had met with Heather.

I was at first amazed, but now I am certain and very thankful that Heather can provide much needed help, comfort, and healing beyond the physical healing that I could provide.”



“Heather has an amazing gift. The experience of having a reading is very moving, and it is so powerful to feel the presence of guides and loved ones. The messages that Heather brought me truly helped me reflect spiritually on decisions that I had before me, and continue, months later, to provide valuable guidance, perspective and strength to follow my path. She is a wonderful, loving, extremely intuitive woman, full of light and wisdom. I consider having a reading by Heather a great blessing that will stay with me always.”



“I have always been a person who had great energy. I have a light which shines very bright. However, my heart was broken and trying to smile was not easy. Heather helped me to understand ways to deal with my pain. She encouraged me to take leaps of faith and to trust my instincts. Since she became my life coach I have; played Division 1 rugby, changed careers, got a promotion, reconnected with my family and made peace with my abuser.My life is not perfect! My life has become a gift and I cherish each day that I am alive. I have learned how to embrace the good and bad feelings. Heather is amazing.I am blessed the Universe allowed us to cross paths.”



“Whatever your beliefs, Heather’s spiritual connection is a powerful and moving experience – that shines through to whoever she is with, and in everything she does. When Heather shares her gifts with you, it’s a little like when your mom tells you something you already knew is your gut was true – it gives you that extra confidence to make a hard decision, or to face things everyone has to during their lives. Heather’s helped us through the hard choices of facing a cancer diagnosis and tribulations of losing loved ones. You can’t ask for a better friend – or better advice.”



“Heather has a special gift that allows her to help people with life issues. She is a kind and loving person and her talent is remarkable.”




“Heather once read a photograph of my new sweetheart. She made a number of very clear, very accurate statements about his musical talents and how he’s had a huge heart, even since being a small boy. That reading often comes to mind when thinking of the man who is now my husband. Heather’s insight and clairvoyance are undoubted, and she’s a caring, wonderful woman to boot!”




I am so excited to share my experience with Heather’s GHNDI program because ITS WORKING! I have had excess weight to loose for my entire adult life. I have tried every program under the sun to get rid of the weight and get healthy. You name it! Weight Watchers, Adkins, Paleo etc and I have only been successful at taking off a few pounds and then gradually putting them right back on. I consider myself a smart person, just like you! I have always known that in order to loose weight I needed to eat less and consume the right kind of food and move more. It simply has never been that simple for me. No program I ever undertook addressed the real reason why I could not shed the unwanted pounds, the root based subconscious reason why I could not permanently move the needle and get healthy once and for all!

I have been working with Heather for a couple of years now, taking her intuition courses (which are amazing!) and leveraging her gift for general medium sessions. When I learned that Heather had created a program to address the subconscious issues holding one back from being successful I was immediately on board. I have always understood that my relationship with food was complicated and emotional. That it was about so much more then just “wanting” and extra snack.

Heather explained the program and then in our first session went quickly to work using hypnosis to help me talk to my subconscious about why it was sabotaging me. Sounds wild I know but something amazing happened! After spending that time heeling my subconscious I woke renewed and ready, really ready to tackle this issue once and for all. Not only was I relieved by resolving the emotional attachment I had with food, making the right choice for myself that aligned with my goals of achieving a strong healthy body became easy. You read that right! EASY! I am no longer in a constant battle with myself but easily make the food choice that aligns with my goals. The burden of this lifelong battle feels lifted and I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am different. My husband is following the program as well and we are both succeeding together! Having his support is crucial but I can honestly say that without having addressed the real issue (my subconscious sabotaging me) we would not be successful.

I have lost 15 pounds and 15 inches in the first 4 weeks! My husband has lost almost 10 pounds and 12 inches in just 4 weeks! Every day we lose more weight and step closer towards our goals of healthy bodies. I am so grateful that Heather created this program and of her ongoing support. She checks in often to ensure we are on track and creates an atmosphere of supportive accountability. This has been completely life changing! Thank you for sharing your gift with us, Heather!




I had lost about 60 pounds using a well known diet plan. After a while the weight stopped coming off, I became unmotivated and discouraged. Then I heard about Heather’s Get Healthy Now plan! I had my first appointment with her and we got my conscience and subconscious on the same page. I had no idea how I was sabotaging myself, how I was cheating myself with my behavior. I have chosen to start the same plan that Heather is using and I’m back on the right path again. I am losing weight and inches – losing slowly and steadily! I’m so grateful for Heather’s presence in my life! ❤️❤️❤️

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