Update:  I have lost 82 pounds to date on my program!



I finally figured out what no one EVER told me!


Do you plan to eat healthy but  before you know it, you’re eating whatever is handy and probably not healthy?


Do you ask yourself, “Why the heck can’t I stick to a diet or program and reach my goals?”

Or,  do you ask, “Why do I keep sabotaging myself?”



Well, I asked those questions and guess what? I found out it wasn’t my fault and it’s probably not yours either…


I discovered that for most of us, including me, our subconscious is sabotaging us and it’s clear that we don’t know why! We are not to blame!

Until we uncover the reason why our subconscious is sabotaging our efforts, and fix it, it’s impossible to get on a plan and stick to it.   We are getting sabotaged and can’t reach our goals of being healthier and leading happy lives!



This is why I developed my signature “Get Healthy NOW, Dang It!” program.


This program includes four private sessions where we will use many, many tools to uncover the reason your subconscious has sabotaged you in the past, get it back on your side, and develop your personal plan to success!

Each session has a purpose!   As a Certified and Registered Hypnotherapist (CHt / RHt) and Advanced Intuitive Life Coach I created a program to use all the tools to get you on track!   During sessions you will experience hypnotherapy, visualizations, clarity awareness, get in touch with your subconscious and intuition, and more!

This is a proven plan that I know very personally!   In fact, I developed it and it’s worked for me after 25 years of frustration and no success with weight loss.  For years, I was being told by doctors I couldn’t lose weight due to health issues!  Not only did this work for me, my husband, friends, and clients but it can work for you as well!

Whatever your goals are you must make sure your conscious thoughts and your subconscious are aligned.

If you are self-sabotaging and don’t understand why, let’s work together to get them aligned them so you can reach your goals and live your best life.

Clients have uncovered many reasons that they have subconsciously sabotaged themselves and then we worked to fix those issues!

In the first session clients typically say something like, “WOW!  I had no idea, but it all makes sense to me now!”   Everyone is surprised when they uncover why their subconscious has sabotaged them. It becomes so clear why they haven’t been successful in the past.  This opens the door to a new start and a way to reach their goal.  This can be YOU!

You finally understand why it was impossible to turn down the exact foods you didn’t want to eat and how to manage this now, and in the future.

Once you uncover the reason your subconscious doesn’t want you to succeed, and we show your subconscious the importance of your goal and why it should assist you, then staying on your plan becomes effortless.



Getting your subconscious goals aligned with your conscious goals is crucial to your success!



My Story…

I didn’t think it was possible for me to lose weight. I have been severely overweight due to health issues and I was told those issues would prevent me from losing weight. After 25 years of being told that, I found out they were wrong! Wrong!  Wrong!  Wrong!

Not only am I able to lose weight, I am melting!  In the first 5 weeks I lost 20 pounds,  In the first 12 weeks I lost 45 pounds and got off two blood pressure meds!!  Without cravings!  Without sabotaging myself!  It was easy!  I never would have expected this success from past experience….. I know that for sure!

I am now down 82 pounds and it’s an amazing process! It’s amazing not to have cravings, to stay on my plan, and continue getting healthier along the way!

My husband who was about 20 pounds above his goal weight lost 27 pounds in his first 4 weeks and went from a 38/40 waist to a 32 waist!   He loves that!

Our results may not be typical as everyone’s body moves differently through their journey, as will yours, but your goal is to get healthy!

Amazingly, during my first two months on the program, we had to travel for 2.5 weeks and we were able to stay on our programs 100% and even lose weight during our trip!  Who does that?   We did!

What I discovered is that no food plan will work if you have something blocking your success in your subconscious!!    Once we cleared the reasons our subconscious was sabotaging us, we got started right away and never looked back!   No cravings!   Only 1 week we had a weight loss plateau, yet we both still lost inches that week!   Seriously, that has never happened before!



This is for You if:

  • You feel tired all the time and wish you had more energy
  • You’re tired of not feeling good in your clothes
  • You keep trying to get healthy and lose weight and feel like you keep sabotaging yourself
  • You just can’t stick to a healthy program and it makes you feel defeated

What’s Included:


I have developed and used this proven signature program after having great success for myself, as well as my husband and clients having success with it.

The program includes 4 sessions to help you uncover what’s sabotaging you and get you to your goal!

Session 1:  Why is your subconscious sabotaging you?

Let’s get to the bottom of why your subconscious is sabotaging your efforts to get healthy!     The purpose of this session is crucial to your success as we will unblock any subconscious reasons you  sabotage yourself and fix them right now!

We will conduct a hypnotherapy session where you are awake and speaking to me, yet relaxed, and almost in a dreamlike state.  We will work with your subconscious to uncover why it’s sabotaged your efforts and it will become clear to you why you have struggled in the past.   Next, we will work to repair these reasons and get your subconscious on your side so you can reach your goals!

Once we uncover and repair the reasons your subconscious has blocked your success, we will work with your subconscious and intuition to create your plan!!   Your subconscious and intuition know best what will work for you!   Working as a team with them we will get guidance to help you be on the right plan for you!   And now you are heading for success!!  To be your BEST self!

Session 2:  What’s Working and  What Does Your Future, and Successful Self, Look Like?

We will cover two areas during this session –and it’s EXCITING!

First, we will make absolutely sure you are on track to get it right this time and reach your goals!  We will discuss what’s working and what’s not, make any tweaks you might need to make, get a status on how you are doing since day 1, and ensure we continue towards your success and fix any issues you might have now, during this session.

Life is continually changing and being open to your subconscious and intuition means you may have slight adjustments as you go through life on your plan.   We all do, it’s being aware of them and willing to make them that gets us to our goals and makes us successful!

Next, we will work with your subconscious to tweak and resolve any areas that we uncovered and then, here is the exciting part, we will have you thoroughly visualize your future successful self, so you can see and feel how it feels to be at your goal!   This is amazing and clients love this session!

Session 3:  Your Intuition vs Your Cravings

Let’s ensure you are able to listen to and follow your intuition regarding your goals!  If you are having any cravings let’s make sure to separate what’s a craving from your intuition regarding something your body needs and what’s a craving due to food or life choices.   Learning the difference between the two, and being able to adjust as necessary, is how you get to the finish line and stay healthy for the rest of your life!

Session 4:  Keep on Merging!  Cement It In!

This step is so important as you move forward in your life and through this entire program you will have discovered so much you weren’t aware of regarding your subconscious and how it rules so much of our lives.

You may have reached your goal by this session or you may have a way to go.   Either way, our goal during this session remains the same which is to ensure your subconscious and conscious continually merge and work together for your goal!

We will have a hypnotherapy session to “cement in”all the areas that are working to get you to your permanent goal if you aren’t already there and to help you maintain it if you already have achieved your goal.



Some tips to use as you progress…

Be sure to give away your clothes when they get too big!! By doing so you tell your subconscious you expect to stay slimmer.  By keeping your clothes that are too big you are telling your subconscious you expect to go back up to that size sometime in the future.  Our subconscious controls 80% of what we do each day according to recent research so make sure your conscious and subconscious are aligned for your goals.  If your subconscious thinks you are to go back up in weight you will start self-sabotaging and eating things you don’t want to eat.

All my clothes were too big, my bathing suits were too big, and even my shoes got 1 inch too big!!   So I slowly purchased clothes throughout my process and got rid of the clothes that no longer fit.  This helped cement in to my subconscious that I was not going back to my old size.

Whatever your goals are make sure your conscious thoughts and your subconscious are aligned. If you are self-sabotaging let’s work together to get them aligned them so you can reach your goals and live your best life.

Wishing you the best always,



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